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PACS: Your Success is all about improving Quality, Efficiency, Profitability, and Your Satisfaction

Radiology departments and services are among the most profitable enterprises in healthcare. To effectively manage the business of radiology you need to partner with an experienced advisor that can not only provide you with a top-ranked PACS solution but with outstanding support and continued expertise advice after the sell.

Profitability and efficiency are more important today than ever before. With increased government involvement, greater competition, and growing pressure to decrease operational costs, the challenge to maximize existing revenue and attract new business can be daunting.

That's where our services shine. Since 1998, we have consistently shown radiology groups, departments, and individuals how to get the most out of their PACS through such services as on-site workflow improvement analysis, user groups, additional on-site training, and seamless upgrades as they become available.

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We have more than 185 PACS/RIS clients throughout the ten southern states. As our testimonial page indicates, our support staff is rated as second-to-none by our customers.

Beyond telephone support we offer:

  • Secure customer web portals for direct access to our support staff.
  • An exclusive national user forum designed to promote dialog between customers. Our support staff regularly join in the discussions. Insights and experiences are shared for the benefit of all.
  • Monthly activity reports with support summaries, a list of upgrades, and other helpful information.
  • Regular surveys to monitor the satisfaction of our customers. We particularly use comments from these surveys to better our product and service offerings.
  • Exclusive user group meetings held regionally throughout the south.
  • Useful customer newsletters and other special features.


The PACS Purchasing Paradox

Why do so many excellent healthcare providers end up choosing overpriced, inefficient software? Two words: brand name. KLAS calls it the PACS Purchasing Paradox.

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Invest in the Right PACS Now or Be Forced to Buy the Right System Later

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The fact is an investment in PACS is about much more than just the features and functionality of given solution. It is about references, support after the sale, expert training and implementation, disaster recovery, protection against obsolescence and - of course - price.

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